Ariel has written an article in Harness Magazine, an online magazine which promotes the freedom of expression and female empowerment, in the Spring of 2017.  It discusses the many ways the artist becomes inspired through literature, and how important themes can be represented in her paintings.



A special feature in filmmaker Melissa Aflalo's documentary #ChooseLife, which explores the struggles of mental health by different women, and their challenge to overcome all of their obstacles. Here, Ariel discusses her struggle and acceptance of body image, which is reflected in her series "Essence of a Woman." 


Ariel had the opportunity to design the cover art of Montreal's emerging author, Michael Occhionero. A compelling tale of youthful nihilism, Idle Hands depicts a life to be won or lost. Convinced there is nothing to fight for, the protagonist may just risk more than he realizes.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book, the image will directly link you to Amazon. The book can be purchased as paperback or Kindle edition.


Ariel had the opportunity of working on the album art for the talented blues musician, Justin Saladino. Using a unique assortment of colours and textures, the artwork mirrors the rawness of the band's sound.  

 You can discover their music by clicking on the image above. A Fool's Heart can be found on both iTunes and Spotify. You can also catch this band live at several different local events, and at the 2018 Montreal Jazz festival. More information is provided on their website.